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Molesworth Route (Awatere Valley Road and Tophouse Road)


The Molesworth route takes you on a journey from Blenheim to Hanmer Springs. It follows the Awatere River, then crosses Wards Pass to follow the Acheron to its confluence with the Clarence River.

After 100 km of travel up the Awatere Valley, you reach the Molesworth Cob Cottage. The main section through Molesworth between Cob Cottage and Acheron Accommodation House is 59 km, taking a minimum of two hours of driving. There are several shelters and information panels along the way.

It is one of New Zealand’s longest uninterrupted gravel roads that winds through the South Islands largest working station, the Molesworth. The area is stunning in any weather but if you catch it on a warm and bright sunny day the whole place comes to life and is just brilliant. An absolute must if you are exploring New Zealand.

Acheron Road through Molesworth is normally open 7 am – 7 pm daily from the Saturday of Labour Weekend in October, to Easter Monday or the second Sunday in April – whichever is later.

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