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Hawksburn Road


Hawksburn Road, known to locals as the Pylon Road is a trail that offers a mixture of mainly 4WD gravel roads, some tar seal, and some very steep climbs, but if you’re fit and love an adrenaline rush and the vast open spaces– do it; you won’t be disappointed.

The Hawksburn Road runs between the historic township of Clyde and Bannockburn, skirting the Cairnmuir Range on the southern side.

This is a land rich in history. This was once the main travelling route to Bannockburn, the Clutha and Kawarau Basins during the gold mining era - sense their gruelling journey, their conquests and the tragedies of the rush for gold.

It may even have been the original Maori routes possibly dating back to the 13th century when moa were hunted in large numbers throughout the area.

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