Overland Navigator FAQs

Where is 'X' track?

Overland Navigator is built around the tracks that we, Overland NZ have explored and logged out, and tracks that fellow explorers have submitted. The list of tracks is constantly expanding as we cover more ground and log more data.

What do the colours mean for tracks?

We use the colours as track/road grades. Track grades are based on our opinion when we drove them. As with anything in nature, conditions change constantly and our ratings may not match what you find. Please use them as a guide only.

Gravel road/nice and easy - can be tackled by most vehicles without too many issues

A 4WD with low range may be required, more chance of running into issues, generally involves water crossings or mud.

A 4WD with low range and clearance is highly recommended. These tracks are best not tackled alone unless you have experience.